Coworking Space


Workyos is a big new coworking space on the edge of District 3 and District 10. Located in Viettel's brand new office tower, it's a short distance from the downtown area.



Cado Coworking Space

Cado Coworking Space opened recently and is a small coworking space in District 3. It's the the vision of a young local designer looking to provide a space for the startup business community and...

The Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Garden is a new space in District 1. It's a medium-sized shared office located on a quiet alley. There are several private offices, a meeting room and a shared space on the roof. Founded...


ITP is a coworking space located close to the universities in Thu Duc. It's a good place to connect with other Vietnamese in the startup scene.
ITP is located in a large Government complex. This...

Saigon Innovation Hub

Saigon Innovation Hub is a new space in a Government complex. This complex includes a small coworking space and a very large coffee shop. Its location is very central.  



Circo Nguyen Trai

CirCO Nguyen Trai is the second in the series of CirCO spaces. It's a mid-sized coworking space that focuses on dedicated offices for small teams. There are 3 meeting rooms on-site. ...

Toong @ The Oxygen

Toong is a national chain of coworking spaces. Toong arrives in Ho Chi Minh with a large facility in District 2, located in a brand new office and apartment tower in An Phu. 
Toong @ The Oxygen...

Dreamplex 2

Dreamplex 2 is the second facility for the growing Dreamplex chain. It's located north from the downtown area in the upper levels of an office tower. Like the original coworking space in District 1,...

Nest by AIA

Nest by AIA is a dynamic space that changes between coffee shop, coworking space and event location. It’s located on the second floor of Bitexco Financial Tower, right in the heart of the city. The...

Work Saigon

Work Saigon is in a beautiful complex in central Saigon that combines coworking space, creativity school and café. It’s a mid-sized coworking space with that personal touch that is perfect for...