Coworking Space


Art Folio is a modern coworking space and café. It’s located centrally, a very short distance from downtown Saigon. While it's smaller than most coworking spaces in Saigon, it offers a strong set of...

Ka Koncept

Ka Koncept is a new premium coworking space in downtown Saigon. It’s a mid-sized coworking space at 300 sqm. Ka Koncept offers a range of shared creative working spaces in a highly professional...


Funwork is located a short drive north of downtown Saigon, in Binh Thanh. It offers a range of spaces, including private offices, booths and conference rooms. The space is mid-sized, including two...


CirCO is a big new coworking space: 1’000 sqm just south of downtown Saigon in District 4. It's got shared space, dedicated offices, several meeting rooms and a full range of premium amenities. It's...


Citihub is a small co-working space and coffee shop, located in the northern end of central Saigon. It’s a simple, industrial design that packs the most into the space available. Citihub also offers...

Start Saigon

Start Saigon is a mid-sized coworking space in central Saigon. Located in a large house in an alley off Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, this space focuses on the tech sector. 

Go Work @ The Factory

Go Work is part of the evolving scene at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre. Located a short drive north of downtown Saigon, it’s a medium-sized coworking space that is great for creatives. It’s a...

Fab Lab

Fab Lab Saigon is a multi-level space with a café on the first and a coworking space on the second. It’s a small coworking space that offers basic services.
Fab Lab Saigon is linked to the broader...

Pepper House

Pepper House is located on the northern edge of District 1, by the river on Hoang Sa. Opening in 2016, it's a stylish design spanning across five levels. The second and third levels provide a small...