The Loft

The Loft is a large affordable cafe in downtown D1, hidden in an apartment building on Pasteur St. Its got a mix of Western and Vietnamese menu. The vibe is relaxed and it's not too busy, except at...

Shin Coffee

Shin Cafe is a mid-sized cafe in the heart of the downtown area. Finished in a modern design, this place gets busy in the mornings, with a business crowd. Exceptional cakes and speciality coffee are...

Mekong Merchant

Mejong Merchant is a large premium bistro in the leafy streets of District 2. It has a relaxed vibe and a Western/Vietnamese restaurant menu, including local specialties. 

L'Usine Le Loi

L'Usine is a popular mid-sized premium cafe in the heart of District 1. It has good tables to work from, in a variety of sizes. The vibe in the upstairs cafe/restaurant is busy and chic. The menu is...

The Workshop Coffee

The Workshop Coffee is a premium cafe located in the heart of District 1 in a beautiful renovated space. The design is modern industrial in a medium sized space, with plenty of tables of varying...

Runam Bistro

Runam Bistro is a large premium cafe in the leafy streets of District 3. 


Runam Bistro has been built and furnished by premium interior designers and it shows in the quality of...