Ho Chi Minh City

The Workshop Coffee

The Workshop Coffee is a premium cafe located in the heart of District 1 in a beautiful renovated space. The design is modern industrial in a medium sized space, with plenty of tables of varying...

Runam Bistro

Runam Bistro is a large premium cafe in the leafy streets of District 3. 


Runam Bistro has been built and furnished by premium interior designers and it shows in the quality of...

Go Work @ The Factory

Go Work is part of the evolving scene at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre. Located a short drive north of downtown Saigon, it’s a medium-sized coworking space that is great for creatives. It’s a...

Fab Lab

Fab Lab Saigon is a multi-level space with a café on the first and a coworking space on the second. It’s a small coworking space that offers basic services.
Fab Lab Saigon is linked to the broader...

Pepper House

Pepper House is located on the northern edge of District 1, by the river on Hoang Sa. Opening in 2016, it's a stylish design spanning across five levels. The second and third levels provide a small...

Texo Spatium

Texo Spatium is a large coworking space located in Phu Nhuan, a short distance from downtown Saigon and the airport. It’s got shared space and private meeting rooms, although its not as ‘premium’ as...


Dreamplex is a popular downtown facility with a startup/tech focus. Spread over multiple levels of an office building, this coworking space has all the premium options you’d expect.
Dreamplex is...

Saigon Coworking

Saigon Coworking is a medium-sized coworking space located in Phu Nhuan. Saigon Coworking has a friendly vibe with a shared creative space downstairs and ergonomic chairs. Sitting on the border with...